Chevy Small Block

32-Valve Cylinder Heads for your Small Block Chevy

For about the price of a blower,

you can have 32 Valve technology

UNPRECEDENTED Horsepower and Torque
Bolt on Design
Supercharged Power Without the Hassles Of Heat, Pressure & Detonation

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Dyno Proven Horsepower & torque

To illustrate the potential of Arao Performance 32-valve Cylinder Heads, we dyno tested a 5.7L Chevy small block with 10.0:1 compression, LT-1 cam, single-plane intake and 750 CFM carburetor. We tested the Arao head against a ported and polished, well-known brand 2-valve aluminum head with 2.08" intake valves and a stock open-chamber iron head



The chart shows the Arao Performance 32-valve heads made 474 HP @ 6000 RPM, 159 more than the high-end 2-valve aluminum head (Brand X) and 203 more than stock iron!

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The dyno also reveals a broad, flat torque curve with a peak of 437 lb./ft @ 4500 RPM. In fact, 85% of peak torque occurs all the way from 3000-6000 RPM!


RPM Range

The unique valve gear arrangement made possible by Arao Performance's patented head design (US Patent #5,007,387) allows rev's to over 9000 RPM without use of exotic valve train parts or freakish valve spring loadings.



The graph shows the intake flow capability and higher volumetric efficiency of these heads as compared to a highly developed aftermarket 2-valve and a stock iron unit. The large flow openings are more beneficial to acoustical or ram tuning, creating even greater volumetric efficiencies during engine operation.

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